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Before you travel, have a health check.

Travel and Health

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Before you leave on your big backpacking excursion across the world, make sure you see a nurse, such as those at a Superdrug Travel clinic, to make sure everything is in order.

You won’t have easy access to healthcare in the UK for long, so seek a professional’s approval to ensure your health is in good shape.

Travel and Health

It's critical to keep track of your travel vaccinations.

A comprehensive vaccine program should be started at least 8 weeks before to travel, so plan ahead of time before your big trip.

Did you aware that some travel vaccines expire after a few years and that you will need to renew them?

To keep track of when you last got your travel vaccines, keep a travel vaccination log book with you at all times. This can also assist you cross foreign borders where proof of vaccination is required.

The travel vaccinations you’ll need will vary depending on where you’re going, so make a note of the countries you’ll be visiting – as well as the immunizations you’ll need.

Travel and Health

Travel vaccinations from Superdrug

As a responsible traveler, I recommend that you get a health check before embarking on your journey. When you’re at home, it’s lot easier to keep track of your health than when you’re traveling.

Travel vaccinations, malaria medications, and up-to-date advice are all available through Superdrug’s travel vaccination service.

You can make an appointment online and get personalized travel advice from a team of in-store nurses who will tell you everything you need to know and do before you leave.

Travel and Health

Before you travel, learn about your blood group.

Knowing your blood group is helpful before embarking on a long journey around the world. Not necessary, yet useful in an emergency. Ask your doctor whether they have it on file; if not, it can be found for a minimal price. You might potentially find out for free by becoming a blood donor.

Travel and Health
Before you go, make an appointment with your dentist.

Before you leave, make an appointment with your dentist for your annual checkup to verify that you don’t have any loose fillings or need any replacements. While you have the opportunity, do this at home. Most big cities will have adequate dental services, but if you need to see a dentist abroad, make sure that all of the equipment they use is sterile.

Travel and Health
Before you travel, think about the risk of STD

Despite extensive efforts around the world to eliminate sexually transmitted infections (STDs), they continue to be a major public health issue. Travelers are more likely to contract HIV and other STDs in developing nations than in developed ones, due to the high prevalence rates in these countries, particularly following sexual contact with local commercial sex workers (CSWs). Some STDs acquired when traveling internationally are more likely to be resistant to typical STD antibiotic regimens. Travelers who engage in unprotected sex, especially with foreign CSWs, are at risk for HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, non-specific urethritis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other STDs. If you are heading to Atlanta GA, there is a private and confidential Atlanta STD Testing facilities. If you are traveling to New York City, there is the same day STD Testing site in NYC

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